We are a group of expertise team who are specialised in the construction of high-end villas. We operates to the highest standards to build, design and decorate your dream house.

Experience design at scale

We are a well-established company in luxury industry and have recently diversify our core service and decided to be the builder of your dream. We offer personalised construction service.

We use new construction technologies and develop new capabilities in order to serve our clients to the best of our expertise.

Understand your user experience

We at Dream Escapes Construction, offers a one-to-one personalised construction service. We deliver key in hand villas that continuously exceed our clients’ expectations and dreams.


We offer a full service such as planning, budgeting, working within allotted budget and schedule delivery date. The transparency of our work through our approach develops a trust-based relationship with each of our client and thus enabling us to deliver the highest level of construction service.

We developed a passion for real estate. Powered by excellence we offer to our clients exclusive and first-rate work. At Dream Escapes, we provide assistance to our customers upon their arrival. The ability to offer investments is the result of a long process of discovery and analysis that is our responsibility.